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 Post subject: How does the day course run?
PostPosted: April 5th, 2012, 3:31 pm 
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How does the day course run?
All of our courses, no matter which airport, tend to run to the same
sort of hours. We normally start registration about 0900 with the
course starting about 0930 although the exact times vary course to
course as per your confirmation letter. Coffee etc is there when
you arrive so if you are there a little early it does not matter.

Most courses finish by about 1830-1900 but it is an airport with
Security and all the other things that go on. We suggest that you
over allow for the end time in terms of booking trains or partners
to pick you up.

Some courses occasionally run over a little* but we will
always tell you if the end of the course is likely to change as soon
as we know. *Nothing sinister, just we have to fit in with Air Traffic Control which can mean our take off is delayed a few minutes.

On arrival refreshments are served at our luxurious venue. Our many
staff will be to welcome and reassure you.

Morning Session
The day starts with a brief introduction from the entire team who
will be looking after you.

Our experienced Virgin Atlantic Captains take the rest of the
morning. They will take you through everything that you will want to
know about how an aircraft functions. Many people who are afraid to
fly find that when they understand how an aircraft operates,
recognise what the associated noises are, understand why turbulence
is safe and have all their questions answered, they are a long way
to being helped to overcome their fear of flying. We hold a question
and answer session at this stage to ensure that all your questions
are answered. For those who have questions, however, may not want to
raise them publicly, you can tell your team leader as you are in small groups anyway.

We will answer all of these before the day ends.

We then break for a hot lunch. This is a great chance to ask
questions of our team on a one-to-one basis. Some people say that before our course that they were never able to eat a meal on the day of a course. Yet they find they are when with us.

The afternoon is a lengthy psychology session. We will talk in depth
about fears and phobias, including claustrophobia and will teach you
the skills to control them. We use a whole bunch of different
techniques and ideas to help you. Then we hold a relaxation session
prior to the flight to help you relax ready for the flight.

The Flight
The short 45 minute flight takes place on a commercial jet, similar
to one that you would travel on holiday by. You will be accompanied
by the whole of our team who’ve been with you throughout the day.

One of the pilots gives a running commentary throughout the flight
re-enforcing all that you learned throughout the day and ensuring
that the next time you fly, you’ll recognise exactly what’s

Post Flight
At the end of the session, you will receive a FREE Flying Without
Fear relaxation CD or tape to reinforce all that you have learned.
You will also receive a certificate signed by Sir Richard Branson
marking your achievement. Sadly he cannot make it personally to our courses anymore!

Our Captains, crew and the rest of the team will be there to answer
any remaining questions you may have.

We have many refreshment breaks throughout the day.

Any specific questions, just drop us an email

Take care

Paul and Richard

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